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Style and Design in Your Home

      After the initial excitement of becoming a homeowner subsides, you may quickly find yourself wishing the original architect or designer had put some additional thought into particular areas of your home. Whether change becomes necessary due to a growing family or for general convenience, having a home that is designed to be functional is a crucial aspect of any house.

      Individually, many of us have formed solutions as to how our space or home needs to be transformed, regardless of whether the layout of the kitchen needs rethinking or an empty room needs repurposing. Homeowners themselves often have some of the most cogent and practical solutions to their home’s design flaws, and by teaming with an experienced home designer or architect, can quickly transform those ideas into reality.

      The first step of any design process is establishing a clear and achievable goal. Ask yourself, how do you want the space to work for you? What do you want the space to do that it is currently not doing? Whether you wish your bathroom had a larger tub or the master bedroom is to small and could really benefit from a larger closet, it’s important to have an end goal for the project. Help yourself create a more functional space by improving feng-shui and design throughout your home.

      Since you live with your home every day, you will naturally develop ideas on how to fix it, make it look better, and feel more comfortable. This is the second part of any design project. If you feel your repertoire of potential solutions may be lacking, there are steps you can take before calling our architects and designers. One would be to collect magazine images of things you like. Pictures help a professional understand the picture you are trying to paint. Take photos or cut out clippings of any design aspect you are attracted to, and take a moment to jot down what it is you like about it. For instance if you like a window because of its size, color, or style, take note of it, as it can be very helpful moving forward with a remodel.

      Another very important element when redesigning a space is to consider what types or styles of materials best suite your preferences or needs. Having small children at home may demand a more durable finish or flooring than a home without kids. Research materials, fixtures, cabinets, and other products may be utilized in order to familiarize yourself with all of the options available. The Internet and showrooms are great resources, and we often take our clients to showrooms that we trust and people that we work with.

      The design process begins with identifying what you want and your goals. Add some imagination and some technical knowledge, and the results can be an over the top, drop dead gorgeous home.




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